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Are you a woman working in the media, either behind the scenes or as a presenter? I’m delivering the Pamela Denoon Lecture next week in Canberra on the topic of Misogyny, Power and the Media. I’m looking for some anecdotal (and anonymous) feedback from women working in the media industry on possible incidents of sexism they may have experienced. If you’re interested in contributing (or just getting some long held grievances off your chest!) then you can email me on clementine.ford@gmail.com.

I’ve attached some questions below as a general rough guide to what I’m looking for. Because it’s a speech, these will all be anecdotal retellings and so you don’t have to worry about confidentiality at all. Totally anonymous.

1. How long have you worked in the media, and which area of the industry do you work in? (radio/tv/print, politics/lifestyle/sport etc)

2. Have you experienced sexism in the workplace? 3. If yes, how has it impacted on your ability to do your job?

4. Is there a noticeable difference in the way men and women are treated in your industry area?

5. Do you think women struggle with a paygap in the media?

6. What are the challenges facing women in the media today?

7. Can you name one incident that stands out in your mind as a time you experienced clear sexism in the workplace?

8. What would you say to people who suggested sexism - particularly in the media - was a myth, and that the workplace is a meritocracy?

9. How does age play a part in the way women are treated in the media industry?

Feel free to pass along to anyone you think might be interested. And don’t worry about flooding me with information - even though I won’t be able to use all of it, I’ve no doubt at all it will come in handy down the track.

PS If you’re a man and desperate to add your voice (oh, the irony!) please feel free to do so.